Transform your FEAR into Financial and Personal FREEDOM.

Personal and Corporate Training to Gain Emotional Power, Build Wealth
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Ask yourself...

  • Do you fear humiliation?
  • Do you wish you had a better life, or do you hope somebody else is not judging yours?
  • Are you living a legacy in a way where people are gonna remember exactly what you’ve done, so that you can change their life?

Tim S. Marshall

Entrepreneur, Award winning Author, Keynote Speaker, & the nation’s #1 Expert on Breaking Fear in Life & Business

Tim has built a company recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America by using the tactics he later included in his books, and most importantly, by bridging the gap of generational thinking and acting to stay ahead of the market crash trends way in advance in order to combine all into one business plan for immediate success. Tim has taught, trained, and developed some of the most influential business professionals and athletes in the world.

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“I’ve worked with many talents including Muhammad Ali and John F. Kennedy. Tim S. Marshall is that rare individual who can teach others not just how to set goals, but how to achieve them.”

Paul Noble
5-Time Emmy Award Winner



  • Master Entrepreneurship – zero to millions
  • Learn to influence anyone
  • Discover how to be yourself to sell anything
  • Learn to become financially and personally free – FAST
  • Master the art of prospecting and networking to DOMINATE sales
  • Develop and gain personal control and live free in relationships

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Books by Tim S. Marshall

“THE POWER OF BREAKING FEAR is one of the most fascinating books I have seen. A new fresh look at how to end the fears that hold us back from true success.”

Kenneth Blanchard
#1 Best-Selling Author of “The One Minute Manager”, 13 million copies sold