The Power of Breaking Fear


By: Tim S. Marshall

The Power of Breaking Fear is the only no-BS guide to emotional power, wealth, and true happiness.


Regarded by U.S. News and Fortune 500 companies as one of the best overall developmental tools in the past 30 years!

Read the book in one day – change your life in one day. Read the book in one week – change your life in one week. What you think you want to do and what you think that you can’t do is smashed into what you will do. This book is as real as it gets for keeping it simple to build up your greatest asset, which is you and how you interact with all of your surroundings every day to fuel the negative into the positive, fears into courage, and open-mindedness into a thundering new way of looking at life. Rated as one of the highest ranked books for immediately making overwhelming, permanent life changes.


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