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Empowering Communication in the Workplace

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Business success has relied on the improvements and functioning of team communication for decades, but in recent years, there has been a greater shift toward understanding the individual needs of one another. It is crucial that each member of a company feels important and inspired to represent the product or service they are involved with, and this begins with healthy communication, or more specifically, empowering others to communicate so that equality is parallel for the greater good.

Here are 5 ways to create an environment of empowerment with your co-workers, employees, and anybody else you encounter in the workplace.

1. Listen better.

When somebody else is speaking, really listen. Remember that everybody is a part of the “Ideas Team.” Whether or not you agree is not the point. The point is all good things come out of debate and agreement in expressing ideas that become a process or development of something new. This allows comfort in communicating – in other words, if you don’t reveal what you’re thinking then what you’re thinking will have no contribution, and frustration will lead your thoughts. You will be silent in a problem, subsequently living in it, versus being part of a solution.


  1. Focus on their best qualities (and your own) & be compassionate.

Not everyone has the answers and sometimes those weaknesses can turn into massive strengths if humility and compassion to communicate effectively leads to better strategies. Call out the good in others… period. If we are always looking at what is wrong with someone we will never empower the good. Demoralization and a loss of purpose will be the leader verses building value in others. Compliment impressive projects and victories. Each team member serves a significant role. Additionally, our roles often shift at work – by emphasizing, empowering, and pointing out the wonderful skills in others, you help to identify the very best role for them. This does not mean to be silent when somebody is not performing with numbers and/or actions because accountability is significantly important. If someone is lacking and is open to learning and acting out on what they learn, then you truly have a winner, even if they are struggling. Make sure you train yourself if you feel training is lacking. And if training is there, then it is on your shoulders to engage in how you develop yourself.


  1. Be transparent.

Transparency leaves no room for resentments or inner conflicts in a team setting. No secret agendas. Stay open and honest with everybody from the janitor to the CEO. Be open so that they may also be transparent with you. This eliminates trust issues, and allows others to feel empowered in their own honesty.


  1. Encourage their personal goals.

Whether you are the boss or an employee, keep the well-being of yourself and others as top priority. A person will not perform well if they are not feeling satisfied in their personal life and accomplishing personal goals. We all have passions and things that we love to do outside of the workplace. It is essential that everybody respect and encourage each other to make time for these things. The more balance with fulfillment, the greater image and actions you will get in the office.


  1. Connect beyond the work surface.

Remember that everybody, even your co-workers, are real people with real feelings, aspirations, and pains. It is easy to get caught up for full days focusing on work assignments and only knowing the people you spend most of your time with for what they can or can’t do at their job. Dig deeper. Find similarities between you. Connect with others beyond what they can do for you at work. Nothing empowers us as much as knowing we are not alone in business responsibilities that are joined by personal obligations. By creating this connection in the workplace, everybody benefits and work becomes a TEAM EFFORT, led by a GREAT TEAM!

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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