Are You A Great White Shark In Sales?

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Intense. Fast. Sleek. POWERFUL. Here are 13 ways to be a Great White Shark in your sales career.


  1. A shark is always in motion. Sharks are always PROSPECTING. They don’t ask to “touch base” – they have purpose and move with intention. Feeling uncomfortable is not even a feeling. They are relentless in their pursuit.


  1. Sharks do not wait for things to come to them. They strategize first and act second. They absolutely have a reason to engage.



  1. A shark’s sickle-shaped tail is designed to propel the shark forward despite the water pushing back against the shark when it moves. OVERCOMING objectives makes you STRONGER than ever to propel yourself forward.


  1. Sharks have skeletons made from cartilage, which is more flexible and lighter than bone. The shark has a much greater range of movement than a normal fish. Flexibility is a critical part of sales.



  1. Great White Sharks are not confined to a single area – instead they roam to whatever location is the most advantageous for them. If you have a territory then own it and roam it, but most importantly – qualify it.


  1. Always follow up. Keep coming back until you’re full, just like a shark. Build relationships for a lifetime, don’t just surface when you’re hungry for a sale.



  1. A shark senses the size and shape of its prey when deciding whether it’s worth going after or not. Remember to strategize the best path forward before engaging.


  1. Bite down for the CLOSE. Reinforce your approach. A 20 foot Great White Shark can generate up to 4,000 psi (pounds of force per square inch) with its bite. Once you establish a strong connection with the customer, don’t back off. If it’s good for the customer, make it easy for them and close the sale.



  1. A Great White Shark can detect the electrical impulse from one standard AA battery from over a mile away, and uses the energy to measure distance. Utilize mathematics to gauge how successful you are in your efforts and tactics. Analyze what areas need work to bolster yourself up even further.


  1. Don’t panic. Sharks don’t panic, unless they get caught in a net – so don’t get tangled up when meeting with customers. Your time is as important as theirs.



  1. Separate yourself from the competition. Great White Sharks are apex predators with no natural competitors. Remember that the only true competitor is yourself.


  1. Great White Sharks use their speed and coloring to help them hunt. Their sleek blue-grey coloring camouflages with the water as they search for prey. There is no difference with mirroring your customer. Seek their greatest values and camouflage with them; Understand that they have their own needs just like you.



13. Timing, timing, timing. A Great White Shark will often circle its prey carefully before timing the moment to make a quick and powerful approach. Time your close for the most effective moment possible, but close on what’s best for your customer – because if you do, you will assume the close and move forward at the perfect moment. Your close should not be one set close. In this way, the close has happened throughout the process, and when it comes time to close, both parties are already

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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