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This is Why You Need to Connect with Other Generations

By November 7, 2017No Comments

More than anything else, the majority of people want to be happy. All generations at heart want the same things – security, safety, and happiness. When you devalue someone, they shut down. When you value them, you inspire them. What you think is not important to you may be important to someone else, and vice versa. Just because someone has a different interest doesn’t mean that there’s a right or wrong – it just means that they have different values or interests, which brings me to the art of connecting. Connecting is the most important social skill that you can master if you choose. Connecting with people will allow you to not only bridge the gap, but will literally build bridges of communication between you and other people. A bridge is connected by beams, wires, and a solid foundation. If you really want to be successful, master this, practice it, and live within it. If you isolate yourself or if you have very few people that you can relate with, identify with, or communicate with, then more than likely your skills of connecting need to be reinforced by acts of giving, diplomacy, and kindness.

No matter who you meet and despite whatever position you hold, the greatest things you have at your disposal (if you utilize them the right way) are your words – and how you use your words and practice them will help you to see the common denominator that the majority of people are genuinely good-hearted. Practice being aware, even to the point of being aware of the way someone dresses, walks, and talks. No one person is the same as another in the world – but in the world, most people want the same bridge to be built.

Communication itself has taken on an entirely new and different form as younger generations continue to enter the workforce at record numbers. These younger workers utilize emails, text messaging, and various platforms of social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, and countless others – to communicate in a way that is constant and continuous, in an ongoing “stream” that constantly transmits language, messages, ideas, and symbols. Knowing that these platforms can allow you to connect with and build relationships with others is the greatest value of technology.

When applying these principles through the lens of the business world, recognizing that there is a growing division between generations allows us to work with these new methods of communication in order to leverage the best skills of each individual. As leaders, no matter what age bracket you fall into, it is a number one priority to learn to connect with people based on interests, motivation, and most importantly, team development. The days of using “just get it done” can be replaced by motivation and collaboration to solve a problem together as a team. By utilizing technology to enhance your communication with others around you in the workforce, and constantly building bridges between people regardless of what generation they belong to, you will learn to effectively “bridge the gap” in any situation.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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