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Be the Driver of Your Own Life

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Imagine that you’re driving on the open road. Nothing behind you and nothing in front of you. Clear skies, great views, and one wide open road.


In life, the greatest thing you can ever do is create your own road map without allowing other drivers to get in your way. Sometimes when you’re driving for a long time, it might get tiring and your legs might tremble, but the most amazing feeling is the adrenaline when you smoothly move forward with a burst of positive momentum, surging up from the engine of your own accomplishments.


You become the best when you are open to changing lanes that flow at a better pace; this will allow you to surrender the fear that often inhibits all of us from growing. Change is a constant in life; if you do not invite change into your daily actions, then you are letting exterior changes from other people or circumstances dictate your existence. Let me explain further. There is no such thing as repeating the same behavior. For example, golf professionals will never repeat the exact swing twice, no matter how good they are. The same goes for our actions in life. Change is inevitable. Discomfort is inevitable. Negative thoughts are inevitable. Second-guessing is inevitable. But driving your way to freedom is up to you.


If you are not growing, then you are not doing your best. If you are not doing your best, then you are not growing. You control the wheel and how you measure your degree of being your best with your focus ahead. You determine where you want to drive, and how far. How long it takes to get there is up to you. How you shift gears in a way that can create a breakdown, or a surge to speed, is totally up to you.


If it’s something holding you back, then you need to be looking for a new road or create your own. This creates consistent molding of yourself to build resilience, tenacity, growth, and surges of success as you develop yourself through your life and through your driving career.


How do you stay in the driver’s seat? If you take each day as if it is the first day of getting your first new car, more than likely you would take every moment of every second during the day to go where you wanted more than anything else. You create your own driving patterns of what you control and what you don’t. You can’t control how you drove yesterday, so why even use yesterday’s rear view mirror unless you are learning better ways to drive.


First Gear: Turn thought into action, from “stop” to “go.”


Second Gear: Turn action into acceleration. You move forward faster or stay idle.


Third Gear: Move closer to getting to a faster pace, but you have to get ready to shift ahead.


Fourth Gear: Travel at a steady pace, feeling more comfortable, and the acceleration will take longer to stop.


Fifth Gear: Cruise control – You just hit your stride and continue down the path, effortlessly passing obstacles as you continue forward.


– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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