Fear & Personal Growth

The Fear of How to Handle Now

By August 5, 2020August 6th, 2020No Comments

“There is no easy solution: you need to practice being rejected.” – Tim S. Marshall

The more cold calls you make, research you do, and good questions you ask, the fewer rejections you will experience. Trust me!

The more that you do and act on something that’s uncomfortable, no matter what it is in your life, the more comfortable it will become. When you do something a lot over an extended period of time, you become an expert. Imagine becoming an expert at the very thing that gives you anxiety today. It’s hard for people to say no to experts.

You can avoid confrontational situations in which your fear takes rein by taking the necessary steps to build relationships with your customers. How much you know about the customer will determine your comfort level (or discomfort level). How do we flip that into becoming comfortable without the reverse? Once you know more than anyone else about your product or service, your job will be complete. That is what you signed up for . . . to sell that product or service.

Do your job repeatedly until you reach the point where you built a core of resilience. You’ll be able to positively handle rejection. It is at this point that the “rejection tape” you play in your mind is erased. The only thing keeping your job from becoming your career is pride, ego, and Fear. Sometimes you have to feed someone else’s pride and ego in order to solidify a relationship. Once you are more interested in the buyer and/or the potential customer than you are in your own agenda, success is far more likely. In the process, though, you may be exposed to more objections, but you’ll be building your fortress. Each time you overcome an objection, you add a block to your fortress.