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Can Money Buy Happiness?

By January 18, 2018No Comments

Money is necessary for survival, but will never compare to the wealth of joy that comes from doing what we love.


It is a universally understood concept that our happiness does not depend on our bank statements. However, most people still strive to increase their income and spend most of their time working – in order to make more money.


According to the Stress in America survey, conducted by Harris Poll for the American Psychological Association, money is the number one source of stress in our lives. It occupies a great deal of our thinking, and often holds us back from pursuing experiences that would bring us peace and liberation.



Here are some tips:


  1. Necessities over things.You need to make enough money to be able to pay your bills and sustain your livelihood. Look at your spending from the past few months to a year, and write down how much you spent on different categories (i.e: bills, food, clothing, recreation, travel, etc.) Notice if there is a grey area or an abundance of unnecessary spending.


  1. Practice gratitude for what you have.Develop a mindset where you give thanks each and every day for the things that you already have in life. If you look around the world their are a massive amount of people that have nothing at all. This brings gratitude and gratitude lifts experiences into fulfillment.
  2. Be intentional with your finances.View everything that you spend money on as an investment with a potential return. No matter how small it is. It always adds up – numbers don’t lie they only disappear if you don’t accumulate them.


  1. Engage in activities per week that are entirely free of charge, but nurture your time with nature .Find a local nature reserve. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Swim in the ocean. Go for a walk with an old friend. Research local events in your community. It is truly a jump into fulfillment fast.


At the end of life, it is not the things that we have owned that we carry in our hearts, but the things that we experienced and felt. Money is necessary for survival, but will never compare to the wealth of joy that comes from doing what we love. I challenge you to set a goal to put your finances toward less material possessions and more enriching experiences.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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