Truth or Fear

(EP19) Being the Change with Taylor Materio

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Are you positively affecting change in the world? This is a question that this week’s guest, Taylor Materio, grappled with from a young age. Her passion to reach out and help others in her community led her to Washington DC, back to her hometown in Palm Beach Florida, and ultimately to her position at Family Promise: reaching out to the community, and providing resources and assistance to families experiencing homelessness.


Tim and Taylor cover:

  • Making mistakes, finding your path, and defining your own success — success doesn’t equal dollar signs, it consists of the purpose of your work
  • The vital role of women in the community and workforce
  • Unpacking stigma around homelessness: there are 4,000 children who are experiencing homelessness in the Palm Beach public school system alone. The myths surrounding this rising issue (that drugs, crime, or failure in some regard are always the cause of homelessness) are harmful and prevent solutions


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