Truth or Fear

(EP20) Living with Integrity: Michael J. Liss

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What defines you more than anything else? This week, Tim is joined by father, attorney, and integrity advocate Michael J. Liss, who started his law firm, Integrity Counsel, P.A., around this very question. As a graduate of the Landmark Forum, he’s realized that what defines a person is their integrity – you are your word, and he practices law and leads his life with that idea front and center.


Tim and Michael cover:

  • The importance of honesty and integrity in your personal and professional life
  • Doing what’s uncomfortable to continue to grow and develop: you never know what you’re missing out on when you never say yes to new opportunities
  • Success is not measured by money — what do you want your success to look like? How to invest in your relationships with others


Find Michael’s law firm Integrity Counsel P.A.

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