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Patterns and How We Change Them

By June 27, 2017No Comments
Negative patterns develop from a lack of positive actions, and positive patterns develop from the initiation  of solving your own problems.  


Changing means changing the things that developed that pattern. Find your true interests in problem solving. You can chase the next great thing all day long, but if you’re chasing it with the same speed, you will never catch it.  You must change your patterns to develop into something new. Imagine that you are a puzzle. Each puzzle piece is a different representation of you.  You might have a piece for family, for work, for exercise, and for relationships.  Now, imagine that you’re fitting those puzzle pieces together, but you’ve lost the outside.


Lack of action eliminating opportunities seems like a simple concept.  If you do a little, you will achieve a little. If you do a lot, you have the potential to achieve a lot. But how many of us actually act on this truth? The act of due diligence requires patience, hard work, and giving more than is expected – something that will be a necessity to battle the resumes that are littered with jobs over a short period of time.

Tim S. Marshall