Fear & Personal Growth

Activity and Setbacks Drives the Mind to Adapt and Learn.

By July 9, 2020No Comments

I will never make it

Too complicated

Too hard to overcome

Too much going on right now

Too long to see the rewards

When is this going to end

Not worth it

I can’t do this anymore

Did it and it felt so uncomfortable

Move forward with new actions, or accept that your current situation is your desired reality. It is as simple as that. If you practice, you will create small victories and setbacks; YES, setbacks! They are crucial to learning and moving forward. Embrace, accept, or own it.

Have an activity plan to complete your task and stick to it. Even in the worst of times how can you achieve something without having a direction?

Doing and thinking about doing is asking to having an invisible friend vs a real friend, there is no benefit.

Activity and setbacks drives the mind to adapt and learn.

You are the best in the world at what you do, and you aren’t afraid to mention it at every possible moment. No matter what your circumstances are in life. Change is incredibly powerful if you’re driving it. When you feel defeated, you must get back up and defeat what has taken you down.