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TRANSFORMING Fear into RESILIENCE in Entrepreneurship & Sales

By July 21, 2020No Comments

What is resilience? Resilience is when you get knocked down one day and still put your shoes back on the next day. Even though you feel like you have been stomped on, you stand your ground focusing on building your skill set and company with inspiration, tenacity and activity.

You move forward overcoming obstacles and challenges. Ongoing perseverance leads to the unexpected which creates additional strength to beat down your FEAR!

Not only do you need to identify yourself as someone who has resilience but someone who has a high threshold for extreme challenges. Remember, this is a journey! The more you research and utilize your network the more proactive you become, and the more successful you become in meeting your goal.

Imagine you are bowling. What do you do after the pins fall? Do you walk away when not all the pins fall? Do you become discouraged and quit the game? Of course not! After the pins are reset you take another turn. Similarly, as a Salesperson or Entrepreneur you keep going and do not quit the game.

Using analytics and benchmarks on a continuing basis is an ongoing learning experience for improvement. Your goal is to ultimately beat your competition and to be a WINNER!.