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3 Things That Will Destroy Your Motives

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What is a strong motive?
A strong motive is a strategic definition of purpose that CHANGES as challenges disrupt and transform a particular idea, goal, project, or need into a desire. This directly correlates with the activity of creating good habits. Not recognizing exactly what you want to achieve can be destructive to developing a strong motive.
1. Procrastination is not only debilitating to a strong motive, but it can pile up into problems that should have been previously solved. This can lead to the emotional weaknesses of being overwhelmed. Face issues head on, and remove the words “fault” and “blame” from your mental vocabulary. This will put you in the driver’s seat of taking action to eliminate procrastination and transform strong motives into accomplishment.
2. Lack of organization and the quick reaction to move on (such as switching jobs too much or just giving up) are the result of of taking shortcuts or feeling generally uncomfortable, without having the patience to earn small victories in keeping with your original motives. This leads to inconsistencies and false starts. For example, more job changes are occurring from the lack of patience to learn, endure, and build much-needed resiliency. Through pure tenacity and continual problem-solving, you will become motivationally indestructible.
3. Many of us live in constant fear of being judged, criticized, or not being good enough. This is an easy fix if you delve into research regarding what your motives are backed by, in order to secure a massive focus to act on what you’ve learned. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Decrease your positive actions, and your motives will become characterized by blaming outside circumstances for any troubles or obstacles that you may face.
Educate yourself with self-control; which equates to practicing positive activities over and over to continually build up experience and credibility. This is the key to planning your motives, as opposed to getting dragged along with someone else’s motives that could be either good or bad. I prefer to control my motives, so that the motives don’t become lost opportunities. Empower yourself and you’ll do the same.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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