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“A” Game vs “C” Game in 3 Steps

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Fiercely and emphatically expressing how great your product is, connecting with peers, and/or effectively leading employees are all of paramount importance in clearly communicating your expectations in a way for you to learn what others think of your message, versus what you personally interpret as being the valuable takeaways. Think of this as “connecting the dots” in order to come across with a perfect score. Challenging yourself to nail your delivery as a continuous practice (while also staying true to your personality) will combine the two dots, and this can ignite incredible verbal power. Why is this so important ?

With so many different channels of communication to juggle due to modern technology, relationship building is still as important as ever when tied in with buying behaviors and analytics. This makes it extremely important to be compelling at a level that is nothing other then being the connector between bringing your “A Game” (your delivery) and bridging it with an executive “C Level” ability to connect and lead, no matter what position you hold.

Here’s where the “A” (your delivery) is important: Effort comes from what you measure on a daily basis. Preparation to communicate with someone is harder than ever – but only if you believe that. If you don’t believe that, then you are mostly relying on technology to create your success. Create an immediate positive perception of yourself – if you sound squeaky, shy, nervous, or anything other than confident, you will be judged poorly. That’s why it’s so important to practice speaking, reading, and voice inflection. Judgment occurs the moment you open your mouth to speak, and the clarity of your words will be analyzed immediately. Children are a great example of using speaking and voice inflection to get what they want. As adults, we become more conservative and afraid of making a mistake or being judged by others when we speak. Research and confidence are naturally interlinked and mutually grow together, and when it comes to speaking, the more you know (and the more comfortable you are when delivering your message) will greatly increase your odds of success in clearly and effectively communicating your message to others around you.

Activity and communication can be exhilarating, and should be viewed as “boosters.” Like a rocket propellant into space, the thrust is exhilarating and the gravitational force can keep the body locked against the seat – but the movement is fast and the reward will be immediate. Growth and new accomplishments are all essential parts of a learning process, and to ignore the pain that gets us to any great achievement is to skip your stages of crawling, walking, talking, and moving forward. All of life is truly embraceable, if you choose to embrace it through the art of communicating and connecting. Master it and you will not only empower yourself, but you’ll also empower others who will follow your lead.


– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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