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3 Things You Might Overlook in This Image

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  1. How did we get here?

Spin it, turn it, twist it, unplug it – whatever it takes, until you become aware of what caused you to move into your own “silent space” of wondering, “how did I get here?”. Regroup and reboot, or just ask yourself: Are you living in your potential by taking the same footsteps in what could actually be a desert? Sometimes in business (and in life) we look up too late, and realize we have been walking aimlessly for a long time. For many, this could be the case – even though for some the surroundings are purposeful and fulfilling. The greatest thing about life is that no one person has all the answers, and solutions are constantly being invented. But those that stay out of the desert practice the art of problem solving with a consistent march towards their OWN planned direction.

  1. What does it take to find what you’re looking for?

It doesn’t start with comparing or wishing. It starts with asking “Why not me?”, which is the question that is answered by some of the greatest inventors and leaders of all time. Earning your stripes begins with one massive revelation to these 5 important words: The Power of Breaking Fear.

This is the beginning of reversing what you think you can’t accomplish in life into building resilience by tackling something that is far harder and greater than you thought you could ever achieve. Is this important to you? Maybe or maybe not, but it doesn’t hurt to dig deep and uncover a hidden vision that has been clouded by responsibilities or burn-out.

  1. What is your destination?

A picture is worth a thousands words – it’s a popular saying, but in reality it’s true. A picture sinks in far greater than a verbal conversation or a written word. What picture of success do you want the most, that maybe you thought was far too great to achieve in your own reality? Several years ago, I sat down with Bernie Marcus (Founder of Home Depot) and had a similar conversation. His vision and picture was visible, and the company he built in his late 50s was a revolutionary concept at that time that earned him billions.

If you feel that you are walking in the desert, then get out the pictures of what you want to achieve – because those mirages in the desert might just be the images of your future success.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

Some reviews of “The Power of Breaking Fear”:

– Kenneth Blanchard, #1 Best-Selling Author of The One Minute Manager, 13-million copies sold.
“The Power of Breaking Fear” is one of the most fascinating books I have seen. A fresh new look to end the fears that hold us back from true success.”
-Paul Noble, 5-Time Emmy Award Winner
“The Power of Breaking Fear” is a must-read for anyone who is frustrated in life, and wants to achieve true long-lasting success and happiness.”
– U.S Review
“The Power of Breaking Fear”
“Tim S. Marshall has gone out of his way to arm his readers with a seemingly endless number of vitality strategies that are easy to incorporate into one’s daily life. The Power of Breaking Fear belongs on every bookshelf.”
– Independent Press Award (IPA)
“The Power of Breaking Fear” winner for Best Audio and book Content!