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Coping Skills: 3 Ways to Keep Your Power

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The two words that are imperative in business: coping skills.

No doubt, feelings of flight or fight may be lurking close by. These emotions are not enjoyable, but they’re normal in business. After all, building better coping skills means you can build the tolerance to take on risk and rejection while quickly learning more about yourself, your company, and your customers. Coping skills begin and end with you, so creating a guidance system is crucial.

Let’s not pretend that coping through the toughest challenges is easy, but don’t ignore it – challenge it. You’re the referee and the player. It’s a powerful feeling to have strong coping skills.

3 intensive ways to build your coping skills:

1.  Identify what stresses you out the most in SPECIFIC situations. Once you do this, ask yourself if you have control over the situation. Is the answer yes or no? If the source of the problem is a boss, colleague, or customer that you can not improve the relationship with despite your best positive efforts, then more than likely it is not about you. However, if you hear the same thing from other people about your own performance, then take a look at the situation and start taking notes on what is being said, while focusing on identifying a common theme that you can practice on to improve.


Break out a pad of paper and list out the following four columns.

1) The problem itself: Be specific about identifying the issue at hand.

2) How do you clearly identify the source of the issue and the causing factors?

3) Do you have control over improving the situation? Yes or no?

4) If you have no control – be a spectator and stay out of the play.

This exercise builds emotional power in the form of what learning both what you can control and what you can’t. The goal is to become a problem-solving expert in building up your coping skills.

2. Find the right team. Whatever situation or person can bring you up can also bring you down, or even worse, what brings you down without bringing you up could be toxic. We breathe oxygen, and if someone takes your air away, then look for a better breathing area fast – your surroundings have a significant factor in your coping skills. The less you have to worry about with other people, the stronger you will feel.

3.  Brand yourself to identify how to be true to yourself in the image you want to portray. The more you educate yourself on what you want out of your career by living in that space everyday, you will not only build up coping skills but it will build you into being a solid leader no matter what position you hold.  What does this build? Coping skills.


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