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9 Powerful Ways to Build Immediate Resilience

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You’ve prepared for the day perfectly. You’ve weighted through the positive and negative thoughts. You felt the expectations from both, focused on the positive, and dismissed the negative. Yet, out of nowhere, you were sideswiped by an obstacle that derails you, hurts you, and keeps you from achieving your goal. You are now in the daunting stage of searching for defenses in your mind. Do you still have what it takes to accomplish your objective?  Digging deep, you ask yourself, “What have I gained from this, considering that this is the opposite of what I planned? What do I do now?”


  1. Allow the challenge in. Do not fight your thoughts. Let them resonate and flow with a purpose. The ultimate goal is to see the challenge as a lesson that will enable you to achieve your goal. If your moment, day, week, or project implodes by someone or something thus allowing self-doubt to creep in, TAKE NOTICE!  Negative surges help you to grow the fastest. How? What hits the hardest builds the core of resilience. If you look at an obstacle as an opportunity to build resilience to handle “gut blows”, then you keep moving forward no matter what. The loss builds strength! It is a gain and a valuable lesson to be learned.


  1. The real path to self-determination will be open. This might be the courage to focus on certain business areas. Most importantly, your mind is now set to tackle what has previously derailed you from achieving your goal and/or peace of mind.


  1. Open-mindedness and drive are IMPERATIVE. This is a win no matter what – and a major step in consistently building resilience. No matter what hits you, you are the ONLY person that determines your internal strength. Be relentless.


  1. Setbacks can be far greater than achievements.  Why? They force us to either be humble or to give up. Humility encourages us to take a step back and rebuild with stronger material. You become more POWERFUL than you ever thought was possible.


  1. Success is not always an achievement. Success is how you funnel the disappointments into improvements. It is moving forward with an even better understanding of what you learned and what you need to be successful. This is commitment and determination.


  1. There are countless people who have experienced derailment. Many became both famous and successful. Many successful entrepreneurs had their early business ideas rejected time and time again. Many successful authors initially had their book manuscripts turned down multiple times by publishers. The defeats make them stronger, more focused, more prepared. Resilient people share a common trait: They grow from their setbacks and work relentlessly to achieve because and in spite of them.


  1. It takes practice, but as you encounter challenges you will expect and embrace the unexpected.  This is when you really know you are building an indestructible force between your ears.


  1. The more extreme the challenges that you rise up from, the more you will be equipped to connect with people. You will be ready to teach, delegate, and impact others from your experiences.  This is LEADERSHIP!


  1. Resilience is like bowling. The pins are knocked down only to immediately be reset. Just because the ball comes at you hard, doesn’t mean you can’t immediately right yourself again. The greater the impact, the quicker they fall, the faster they reset. Once the pins are knocked over, the game goes on, and, so does your life. Resilience is an ART form that improves with PRACTICE. The more you practice, the more beautiful your life! You are now set to achieve EVERYTHING in both your career and your personal life


Tim S. Marshall
Award-Winning Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear” 

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