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Change Your Life in 6 Minutes

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1 minute rule
2 minute rule
3 minute rule


1 minute rule: identifying the problem

In 1 Minute or less, think about the biggest ongoing problem you have in your career that you have control over and write it down. If you can’t come up with something in 1 minute, then leave it alone and try again tomorrow. Do not write it down if it takes more than 1 minute. If you initiate this for 30 days in a row, you will have broken down your biggest worry, and you will identify it in less than 60 seconds.

Build Awareness. Investigate heavily who has created a solution for your problem by finding actual, bottom-up research that presents fix-it solutions and evidence with credibility from a reliable source.

*Tip:  Do this in your down time –  the time you can give to yourself and nothing else. If anyone deserves time to be focused on – it’s you.

Untangle your business obstacle. The law of averages and breaking an internal trend has begun to help you identify where to put your energy. If you have a different problem each day, then work on the problem that comes up most at the end of 30 days.

*Hint: Your problem is actually not a problem – it’s a reminder of where you need to go and what higher goal you need to achieve. Derail from anything that is not part of the story you want for your life or the legacy that you want for yourself.


The average time to read this article is 6 minutes.


Not breaking this 1 minute rule can leave many stuck in fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of  financial freedom. Why 1 minute? If you spend any more time than you are thinking too hard about something that is a problem, this can cause you to lose focus and power in your day. Keep ‘trend’ in your mind as a word to reckon with. Some trends keep you current and others you will need to transcend and bypass as they don’t further your long-term business goals.

Over 90% of people do not hit their lifetime career goal. Notice I have now turned your problem into a goal and now your opportunity to reverse this trend is in your hands.  Diverse trends in technology and what people want in this ever-changing world can help you crack your own code. You will stay current, and nothing breaks an internal tendency better than seeing a trend you can actually flow with. Don’t get caught in useless but popular trends!  You need to objectively analyze what actually works and what doesn’t and move forward based on this knowledge.  You want to develop only good “trendencies!” (Develop the wisdom and tendency to only follow trends that improve your business.) When you write this down consistently, the statistical trends say your odds lead to 80% success. Now THAT is a positive trend!


Bill Gates makes $16,000 every minute.


2 minute rule: finding the evidence-based solution

Your problem is now compelling to YOU because it is on the outside of you, and not eating away at you. You are breaking a negative trend, which means it is out in the open and your drive has now increased and motivation will emerge. What you unequivocally KNOW becomes less fearful and stressful as long as you’re building evidence to solve and start a new trend.

Open-mindedness now creates a passage to listen, observe more, and most importantly – you will begin to initiate a change. Now that you have an opportunity to describe your problem on a very compelling level, now is the time to identify your evidence in 2 minutes or less in one takeaway (solution) that you practice each and every day.

Example: If my problem is public speaking, I want a 2 minute tip to learn more every day. I research online for those who have mastered the art of public speaking, and find something I can practice for 2 minutes every day to improve.

Living in the solution begins, which means living in today and not yesterday. Learn takeaways (evidence to solutions) that define a solution in 2 minutes or less, every day for 30 days. Why 2 minutes?  It is easy to get side-tracked and impulsively jump into another thought or project.


2.3 million people search on Google every minute.



3 minute rule: be the expert

Now is where it really counts in 3 minutes of discomfort! Take action to deliver your message about what you learned. Give a practiced talk track that will explain how to solve your problem in 3 minutes or less. Most entrepreneurs, managers and employees have trouble explaining how to improve their skill-set.  You have an 800% chance of excelling based on learning to SELL YOURSELF. If you believe in yourself and can articulate how and why you do, then you can sell anything!

Turn your major problem into a major goal! Once you practice this every day for the next 30 days for 3 minutes at a time, you will literally be role playing with others and yourself. That increases the learning curve immediately. Everyone is in sales in one way or another, and THIS is what increases your potential to change your life forever.

Learning what your biggest problem is, and practicing the solution, combined with acting out the solution with your delivery (your words) creates passion. Once passion is combined with evidence, you have now become an expert at your problem! This is how you change your life in 6 minutes a day.

You just learned to listen, learn and become more aware of practicing your delivery. In 90 days, you will excel at your greatest asset – yourself. It’s not the outcome per se; it’s who you become by challenging yourself. Once you share your goal, now you have owned it and have built a support group, increasing your odds again. This is the 6 minute price to pay for freedom and clarity. Five, ten, fifteen years from now, wouldn’t you regret NOT doing the practice to overcome your biggest problem?


Tim S. Marshall
Award-Winning Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear” 

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