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Do You Fear the Unknown?

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We often avoid making decisions because we are crippled with the fear of the unknown. Sadly, most of us are stuck dealing with this fear throughout our lives by never living out the true potential of what we can create. The good news is this fear can be reversed by educating yourself in how to lower your own inner “fear bar”: Identify what it takes to build your own blueprint of what you really want, both now and in the future. Compare it to others that found success with their own blueprints over time. Learn from them at any and all levels in order to save both time and frustration while educating yourself. Practice this, and you will free yourself in your personal life, your career, and in your relationships.


Expect the unexpected and you will make peace with the surprises that otherwise create a fear of getting hit from your emotional blind side – which is a great time to learn how to overcome unexpected challenges and turn them into better preparation for the future.


Fear of the unknown can be conquered. It’s a practice of resiliency, determination, and patience. The more research you do, the more you will be aware of your own limitations and worries.


We are all a bit apprehensive about doing things we’ve never done before; and even daredevils can feel a twinge of doubt or fear. Fear is normal and positive if you embrace it instead of fighting it. Those that choose to embrace it don’t let the fear of the unknown stop them from making a decision – in fact, it’s utilized as a powerful motivator by itself.


When I began my professional career in sales I wasn’t thrilled by experiencing rejection, but I purposely turned that into the massive action of pushing myself to overcome fear of being rejected. It worked – and it transformed fear of the unknown into a powerful newfound sense of confidence and control. I used those fears to motivate myself to act with purpose. Eventually, I began to welcome those feelings of fear as the fuel to prove to myself that the fears were unfounded. I harnessed my fears not only in sales, but also in leadership, entrepreneurship, and public speaking. 


Generally, there is no such thing as a bad decision when it comes to overcoming our own fears, as long as it is for your own greater good (and for the good of those around you.) The only real bad decision is not learning and growing if you feel stuck in your own fears – so make the fear of the unknown just another obstacle in the rear view mirror of your roadway to success.


– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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