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How to Overcome Your Own Objections

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What happens when you determine that you’re trapped within your “fire alarm” objection zone of always feeling uncomfortable? The first step is to recognize that this is at least in part due to low self-esteem, which will express itself most strongly when you are in situations that you don’t feel in control of, or at times when you’re being gripped by a self-defeating fear. Perhaps you have experienced a searing embarrassment, an emotional pain, or some other dramatic negative consequence that has branded us in our own minds as being completely unable to have power over certain situations. Maybe it is a deathly fear of collaborating because we have been burned by someone we worked with or were once friends with. Maybe it is a fear of public speaking (or some other form of public performance) because of an embarrassing past failure.

We make the common mistake of believing this false narrative – that every time we try again, we will have the same result. We savor the pain of old failure before we even give ourselves the chance to start fresh and try anew. That false narrative gives us the excuse we need to maintain the status quo, and stay in our comfort zone. This is a tough situation that requires tough medicine. Be prepared – when you decide to take the first small step of a positive new action, your initial reflex will be to relive the pain of old failure before you take that step. That is natural; the way to turn this into positive internal therapy is to accept the idea that, yes, if I do this again, pain is probable. Maybe that muscle will be stretched until it is excruciating – but then after a little while, you do the stretch again and this time it is less painful. After a few practice stretches, or many repetitions over time, your range of motion is restored and the old pain is a distant memory. Choose an action and begin to practice it. Soon, you will begin to attain the benefits of facing your fearfulness and acting in spite of it regardless. Over time, fear will evaporate and fearlessness will become YOU.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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