Truth or Fear

(EP8) Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald: An Interview with Tim S. Marshall

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This week, we have a special episode of Truth or Fear that originally aired on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. On it, Tim was interviewed by Lisa – a bestselling author, motivational speaker, radio and television host, and personal development coach. Their expansive conversation covers:

    • Tim’s near-death experience, a wake up call that motivated him to educate and change the world with his knowledge of breaking fear
    • Not believing in coincidences: taking life by the horns and making the most of what you have
    • Becoming aware of yourself, normalizing self doubt, and stopping the stigma put on yourself and others to be something you’re not
    • “Own it, proclaim it, declare it”: incorporate your learnings into your own life and then teach them to others
    • How to surpass any and all limitations you set for yourself

Living Fearlessly with Lisa

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