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Goal: The Most Powerful 4 Letter Word Besides Fear

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Have you ever tried catching the wind? What about catching a ball? See the difference? You must be able to measure progress toward a goal, and have a point where you can measure your success to turn anxiety and fear into action. Here’s how:

Create A Positive Concrete Vision. 

Maybe it’s a dollar amount, travel, a leadership opportunity, or giving back to the community. What does it look like? What is the desired date of this occurrence? Paint the canvas so clearly that you continually envision the reward manifesting as a result of your efforts. Patience and running with action by turning anxiety into energy will be the key. If you think and stress you will overthink, but if you act and stress you will achieve. This leads to less self doubt and will be the motivating force that makes you live and breathe the outcome. Nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. You will embrace every challenge along the way as an opportunity to grow and another rung on the ladder to fulfillment.

Note that your goal must be specific for it to be achieved. You might want to be financially successful, but that by itself is not a goal. In order for it to be measurable, the goal needs to be more specific like, “I want to earn $250,000 per year.”

Once you have set your measurable goal, consistently visualize obtaining that goal. What will your living conditions be like when you are earning $250,000 per year? What car will you drive? Find pictures of your visualizations to help you focus on how this success will look to you. Research how others have carved their path. Take that knowledge and create your own path. Use that path to move forward until you reach your financial goals. It takes courage, discipline, research, and getting rid of your rear view mirror – that mirror that uses the past to determine the present and the future. Ensure you can envision the actualization of your goal. Your goal may or may not relate to money; maybe you are looking toward a certain career, working for a specific company, moving to a new city or country; whatever vision you choose, create visual images that motivate you and enable you to see yourself reaching your goal.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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