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How Ants Broke the Code to Collaboration

By December 8, 2017No Comments

Did you know that the world’s largest ant colony stretches over 3,700 miles? The entire assembly was fashioned by ants!  Ants built it through efficiency and mutual collaboration. Ants are capable of creating incredible structures – structures that would be marvels of engineering and architecture if replicated on a human-sized scale.

Ants create towers, spires, bridges, archways. Ants that travel in a line? They’re following a pheromone scent. Instincts, not emotions. Drive, not drama. Sacrifice with intent to act!

Research suggests that ants are actually as efficient going forwards as they are going backwards. Can you imagine not living in the past? Endless effectiveness, as ants do all this within their own self-determined leadership. That queen we’ve all heard about? She’s busy laying the eggs – eggs that create more efficient workers. For humans, that is knowledge to keep learning – because knowledge has a beginning, but no end.

How is this possible? Do they interview for core competencies? Nope. Ant colonies have an incredibly streamlined system of linear focus and absolute ability. Fearless. In the ant colony, everyone counts. Each ant is instinctively placed so that the right ant does the right job, through a system of pure self-driven initiation! The larger ants? They become warriors that defend the colony from attack. The smallest ones? They take care of the babies. The medium sized ones? They become workers.

When there is a slowdown or one ant becomes sick and can’t do their job, they are immediately identified as the “wrong ant in the wrong position” and are removed so that the other ants are not affected by any one ant not pulling their weight.

Ever try to force a round piece into a square hole? It doesn’t work so well. Ants know that, but we, the massive human, haven’t figured that out. So who’s the mighty one? Every ant that knows just how mighty it is.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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