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Overcoming the Fear of Change

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Looking at past success stories is a great way for you to measure how to start something new, but only if you believe that you can create your own. In recent study on the fear of change, loss of control and excess uncertainty were listed among the top 10 reasons that people fear change in their lives. How do we overcome this?

First and foremost, remember that this can absolutely be achieved – and here’s how: You must first find the reason to change.

Frustration and lack of control are the most compelling reasons for many of us to want to make a change, but many times this ends with someone wishing for a change but doing nothing except wishing or fantasizing. Why doesn’t the change happen?

Significant early stage changes frequently require a lot of thought, and many times the safest road back is one that leads straight back to your comfort zone. This can also be the very thing that potentially leads you right back to underachievement, for either a short period of time or potentially even for the rest of your life. At this stage, what most people thought of as a problem worth solving – achieving a larger dream for their own life, or simply making something “bigger and better” – becomes a larger problem than the one they initially wanted to change.

Creating proof of growth is essential to positive change. You can’t change without having a compelling and definite reason to change. Without this we will simply stick with the status quo, and making no decision will continue to be your biggest limiting factor. Competing against this is the risk we must take to make a positive change in our lives. It can take years from the date of making a significant change in your life to overcome the lingering risk of thinking you are not good enough, or that you cannot achieve what you want to achieve. Your story of change that shines the light of insight on the benefits of change needs to consistently show a brighter image in your life, versus simply maintaining the status quo.

Once you realize that the risk of staying in the status quo long term is greater than the risk of change, you will be motivated to change. Time and effort spent in constant research to uncover the challenges that stand between you and a desired transformation will create the motivation and define the path. Overcoming the obstacles standing in your way will be a problem that turns into a solution for the continuous positive changes in your life.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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