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How to Control Your Own Destiny

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Did you know that within 20 to 60 seconds of speaking with someone you can greatly increase your odds of success in conveying a powerful message, whether verbally or in writing, simply by using compelling words? Now more than ever, the importance of remaining focused and clear minded cannot be expressed enough. The continual creation of intellectual and visual information reflective of our business and personal lives thrives on compelling and imaginative ideas that are intelligently formed. This Ferris wheel of information is consistently turning, and those that wait in line longer than others might miss the views from the top. By keeping your wits about you and consistently learning, reading, and practicing your words so as to be useful and not oversaturated with excessive content, you can catapult yourself to the very top of the line of the ride to success.

Use these 5 practices to convey a powerful message and control your destiny.

1. Start each day by reading (and reading out loud in particular.)
This allows you to keep your mind and words crisp and sharp while learning, as well as practice voice inflection and delivery. This also allows you to start your day with purpose and most importantly, it creates a positive attitude. Furthermore, learning something new every day equips you with information to communicate your message powerfully, which over time allows you to create your own game-plan in life. You create your own plays and therefore create your own destiny.

2. Learn from others who have accomplished what you aspire to.
Quality of life improves when knowledge and confidence complement each other. There is no graduation, so if you want fulfillment and growth, you must consistently educate yourself. If you want to control your own destiny, then keep learning and practice what you learn. Evidence is key, so learn from those whom you know have an almost expert background, as well as learning from those who have also had challenges but overcame them. The bottom line is that everyone is a mentor in one way or another, but who you choose to learn from the most can be your fastest path to greatness.

3. Do your research.
Researchable topics on what you want to learn come in many different forms in this modern day of technological abundance. You can look up information on your particular industry and gain complementary information to surge forward with more confidence. Something that I frequently tell people when I do a lecture or speaking event is this: What you think you can’t do (or you don’t like to do) could be the greatest potential opportunity to become an expert in that area and thrive with endless possibilities. For me, I love learning and raising the bar on something that I thought I could never do, so as to make myself as close to being an expert as possible. This is what you call challenging yourself so as to increase your ability to problem solve and create solutions fast.

4. Learn secondary skills that complement your destiny and serve as a back-up plan.
 When you’re learning something new, you are literally creating an opportunity for yourself to find true happiness – because the doors you thought were closed will start opening up to reveal new and better ways of accomplishing your goals. Why is it imperative to learn now more than ever? Trends and technology are changing faster than ever in the history of the world, and doing the research to prepare yourself for a possible second career that can complement what you already do can be the entire difference between living free or living in stress. Make the choice to have control, versus no control. Learn, and keep learning – it can be so powerful and intoxicating.

5. When learning something new, always try to apply it in a useful way.
In other words, understand and internalize what you learn. Learning and memorizing are two different things. If you listen to someone else describe a card game, it might not sink in – but if you play the game, it will be internalized. The ability to act on what you learn (and to teach what you learn) will be emphatically important to prioritize what you want to learn versus what you don’t.

Finally, if you feel like you are settling and you’re unhappy with where you are in life, remember this: It is never too late, and there’s never a wrong time to take on something new – even if it’s a tiny step.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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