Selling with Honor in 3 Steps

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1. Honor in selling comes by quickly turning a “no” into a “yes”, and it’s not about securing a signature. It’s about quickly building trust in what you say and interpret, in order to select the correct path between one of two scenarios that are the difference between thin ice and bedrock. The latter is the starting point of building the foundation of a high rise building that starts from the ground up. Endorse your words with the evidence of who you are and what value you bring to the table. Focus on what’s in it for them (the potential customer) versus what’s in it for you. Building value in the other person individually and/or in the company they work for will strengthen how you define the words that will powerfully lead your message. Remember that your message will fizzle out fast if you are not prepared to honor what you believe to be a measurable contribution to their wants, efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.

2. Your determination will be your compelling reason to understand this one influential statement: “Speak less to excel in your message with powerful takeaways”. Tailor your purpose of selling around a potential need (such as qualifying) by challenging PROJECTED objections to bridge the gap with you and your potential customer. Your number one goal should be to reduce the fear of change, which in all reality is the common denominator to close a sale. The path least traveled can often be the path of “trial and error” to build your delivery into answering the “why” questions. Why and how can you problem solve? Why are they going to do business with you, versus with someone else? Finally, what can you continually learn from every sales situation? A “talk track” is not what it used to be, and how you interact from various angles can be defined by creating a next course of action. This ensures a constant problem-solving approach that is backed by trust and good motives to strengthen your confidence with you and your potential customer. If you wait for the customer to come around or wait for a potential future sale, then prepare yourself to live in a constant state of fear of loss – or even worse, the looming fear of rejection. TRUE selling is about relationship building that stands the test of time, not always timing. Try giving sales situations a meaning of 1 to 10, with 1 being the least prepared in leading and delivering yourself as just a messenger with the lowest price, which leads to overcompensation by pressing your message to see if something sticks. This equates to basically winging it, or simply allowing the customer to be more powerful than you based on how you represent yourself. If this resonates with you, then practice increasing your score up to a 10. By continually bringing value to a situation regardless of whether your proposals are accepted or turned down, your resilience to charge ahead with diplomacy, tenacity, and relationship building will empower you to keep growing.

3. Mathematics. Now more than ever, MATH is such a crucially important skill set to practice. Math is utilized everywhere and is continually added more and more into the business sales environment every day. Mathematics defines a true exchange of ideas in today’s world, although mathematics have been integral to the business process all the way back to thousands of years ago. Mathematics can build confidence in relationships and secure justifications that might otherwise not be considered. Math is not always about the lowest price, or about being an expert – but math has everything to do with problems, percentages, measurement, and solutions. Honor the customer, practice selling, and utilize mathematics, and you will own your own success no matter what sales environment you’re in.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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