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5 Ways to Achieve Immediate Results

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Most of us get caught in a whirlpool of many responsibilities at once, but struggle to achieve immediate results in our most important job duties. Capitalizing on time will be the difference between sprinting like a race horse or moving like a turtle. Why a turtle? The turtle is efficient in protecting itself, which is good, but when it’s time to move fast, it will be slow and will hide its head in the midst of challenging conditions. A race horse runs and keeps going no matter what the conditions are, but also needs to practice daily when not in a race. A race horse also needs the consistent help of a trainer to compete at the highest level. Use these 5 methods to be your own trainer & be the strongest race horse.


  1. Immediate results start with maintaining ownership of your responsibilities.You literally have to become the responsibility; this is significantly important. It starts with preparation to launch yourself into the day by focusing on the most important tasks at hand: 3 or less goals to prioritize.(Write them down!) The motives that drive you can fizzle fast unless you back them with a massive push of consistent action and the hunger to gain knowledge when the starting bell rings. If you have trouble focusing, then eliminate what you don’t have control over and develop boundaries that keep you on task with less distractions.



  1. Bring your energy to the table with the will to achieve what you want (your 3 or less goals).Understand that a giant mental wall can be separating you from freedom of independent success, or may cause you to overthink about why succeeding now is impossible. Destroy the perception that you cannot be successful right now. Achievement begins between the ears, what you tell yourself in your own mind, and what you need to plan every single day.


Problem: If you struggle to get your mojo going with enthusiasm, read for 30 minutes in the morning on something that is positive that complements your way of thinking and resonates with what you want to achieve now.

There is no difference between exercising the mind and the body;  both can be a great spark to create a healthy and powerful day.


  1. Healthy action creates a massive boost for immediate success.Stakes are at the highest point for those who diligently act to reach their goals versus those who use guilt and blame, or make excuses for why they are not acting at a race horse’s pace. Success is the act of giving less meaning to the bad and giving the highest meaning to the good. Act on what your job is relentlessly, and you will be amazed that excuses will no longer be included in the conversations you participate in.



  1. Everyone has a different definition of “immediate success.”There is no right or wrong way – what matters is the results: the quality of success versus underachievement. This is determined by measurement, mathematics, and being your own best competition. If you need someone to constantly push you to do a better job, then take a step back, because someone out there is doing it and doing it well independently! Asking yourself why you might be struggling could be the difference between long term agony and a launch into immediate success. 



  1. Finally and most importantly, immediate success comes in one renowned word: FreedomFreedom is the ability to put your own measurements in place without outside pressure or outside influences.The more intensely focused you are on immediate success daily, the more clear of an understanding you will have of who you truly want to be, what you know, and how much more you need to learn. This will help you to trust in yourself and give you massive confidence. This must be practiced daily; there is no graduation or final success in speed & activity. Going back to the basics daily creates job satisfaction, millionaires, and billionaires. If you truly want power, freedom, and fulfillment, start from the bottom & move up each day and surge to the top of immediate results before resting your head on your pillow at night. This is the key to immediate success and freedom.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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