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Problem Solving in a Crisis

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Sometimes the greatest obstacles we face are the problems that compound on top of themselves. The first thing to recognize with a problem is that it can be solved. Problems come in all forms and there are different ways to map out a solution. They can be intriguing if you want them to be. The main goal should always be how to solve a problem fast, without giving the problem more meaning than what it is. As time goes by, problems get bigger when people fail to come up with adequate solutions for them through methodical action and analytical evaluation or problem solving.
Problems that fester will take your power away fast. Once your power goes, so does the rational logic you would utilize to deal with the problem. When adding heavy emotions into problem solving – which is basically equivalent to being reactive or not doing anything – it can be dangerous unless you back it up with evidence and a plan. The best emotion is the one that leads to clarity and objective thinking, in order to create a decision that you won’t later regret.
A crisis is something that we typically have no control over and in most situations creates a magnitude of fear – both from lack of control and from the fear of the unknown either of which can be crippling. Crisis is the most debilitating emotion in anyone’s business or personal life. Crisis is the game changer in how someone reacts, plans and protects their greatest interest, emotions and their well being. Crisis is around the eye of the storm and the storm can be something that seems clear in the eye, but can be a devastating emotional and/or financial blow logistically in the wake of a destructive path.
How to combine solutions to lessen the blow in a crisis? Action plans are the number one victor in terms of problem solving in the event of a crisis. Expecting the worst (and planning for the worst) can be the greatest catalyst to reverse the fear of the unknown and the fear of loss. Often times we take things for granted, until a massive wake up call comes knocking on the door for a mental shift from settling to surviving. Time and positive action heal all turmoil and determination builds a greater beginning even before a storm hits. Life is an amazing journey if you problem solve the bad and live in the good, no matter how strong the winds blow against you.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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