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Boundaries: The Bridge to an Open Mind

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No one is perfect, but it is important to have boundaries and be clear on what affects you and what is reasonable. We never want to run from situations unless it is necessary, but having an understanding of this core principal will keep you open to positive ways to view yourself and stop you from wasting time trying to change someone. Living by this principal will allow you to accept someone’s decisions and not punish them for their own opinions, actions, or beliefs. And that, my friends, is having an open mind.

Always remember: No one is better than you. Their actions at times can be more positive than yours but at other times yours will be more positive. If you are intimidated by certain people, then interact with them more often, and practice breaking down your own walls. If you fail with one person, move on to the next. If we open our minds by challenging our thoughts then we start to ebb and flow with an open mind, and the old reality becomes replaced by our new stronger perception of ourselves. We can give too much meaning to someone or a situation because we are uncomfortable or we don’t feel in control. But do you always need to be in control? You are giving people power over you when they sense your uneasiness. When will they sense strength? When they feel your boundaries. Being aware of your own boundaries lets you project that strength to others.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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