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Blink and Your Idea Will Become Obsolete

By December 12, 2017No Comments

Do you feel that modern life is way out of control? Frenetically trying to keep pace with everyday existence can often lead to feeling scattered and emotionally disjointed. With so many ideas running through our minds on a constant basis, how can we choose one single idea to focus on?

The good news? You control the key to these thoughts.

1. Ideas don’t work unless you complete them.
An idea isn’t worth very much if it doesn’t make something better. If it doesn’t, the idea becomes a shooting star that temporarily appears brilliant and exciting as its light flashes overhead – until it fades away and disappears forever. This is what you call a lack of follow-through with your idea. Steve Jobs had an idea, but his idea was making someone else’s idea better and he never stopped. His idea could have just been another shooting star – but instead, he built and shared his idea with others until it created a global change in visual and verbal communication. Keep a crystal clear focus on your vision of success, because if you blink too much, your knowledge might become obsolete. Set deadlines for your idea and follow through with energy and action. Without it, your star will fade and disappear.

  1. Ideas only stop when you stop looking at your star.
    You have to be mentally present every day to achieve what you’re working toward. If you think of your idea as being a cool drink of water, drink a little bit from the glass of your idea each day – don’t just try to chug it down in one go. If you wait too long, then that thirst for your idea might turn into watching some else’s glass get filled as yours remains empty. The answer is up to you, so why wait to fill your glass?
  2. Stay humble while you learn if there’s a market for your idea.
    Too much ego can be an idea killer, especially if you don’t yet know how to turn your idea into a reality. Don’t recreate the wheel, just make it better – and more importantly, make it a part of yourself. This will slow the unfocused judgment that could turn your idea into a shooting star. We can often be too quick to pass judgment on other peoples’ ideas (especially via continuous stream of social media) while also thinking that our own ideas are better than everyone else’s. Be present and focused with your idea, and stay humble while you establish whether or not there’s a valid market for your idea.
  3. Examine your idea in the way that it will be understood by others.
    While other individuals may act indifferently toward to your idea, in reality most of us want the same things in life: fulfillment, growth, and happiness. How will your idea contribute toward the fulfillment, growth, or happiness of others? Actions that seem questionable deserve a second thought before committing to them, so analyze your idea as if you were an outside spectator and someone else was discussing it with you. Would this same idea seem good or bad if it was presented to you by someone else?
  4. Start over and learn something new about your idea every day, no matter what you learned yesterday.

Your idea will only continue existing if you feed it with your time and energy. Remember that the light we see from stars often comes from stars that actually burned out and faded away long ago. Don’t let your idea be the same. Never let it burn out. Never let it fade away.


– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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