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Disrupt Your Time: This Critical Behavior is Holding You Back

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Trying to please everyone is something most people get caught up in and find themselves saying “I feel like I just can’t do any one thing well”. This can lead to a long exhaust of guilt that permeates into frustration inside a WTF bucket. The value that you bring, and hard work you contribute to any person or project, can easily become entangled with a loss of focus from feeling “spent” – which can turn into a complete waste of your time. FACT: Time is the most valuable resource we have in life.

Questions to ask yourself about trying to please too many people:

  1. How do you utilize your time?
    2. Are you long winded when speaking? Too much fluff, not enough stuff.
    3. Are you decisive in your speech?
    4. Do you seem bewildered when talking? Or do others seem bewildered with your answers?
    5. Are you at everyone’s beck and call?
    6. Do you feel overwhelmed or immobile?
    7. Are you a funnel for other people to unload their problems?If you are unsatisfied with your answers to any of the above questions, then reverse not just how you spend your time but ask yourself this one real question – HOW DO YOU INVEST YOUR TIME IN YOURSELF? This is critical for success and is one of the most powerful ways to spend your time wisely.If you find yourself living in chaos and trying to please too many people, then you indelibly are not giving enough time to yourself – which will lead to time constraint obstacles that will overtake your days and transform them into lost opportunities.

    Don’t get me wrong, building value in others is paramount to success – but only if you have enough time to build value in yourself first.

    If you’re an actor, then you know it takes time and practice to learn a part. But what happens if you don’t have that time to practice because of being spread too thin? Your odds become so march harder to reach. The numbers that correlate with this example are close to 80 auditions just to get one part – which already seems daunting and discouraging. This same principle goes for sales, parenting, or anything that takes away from the core of what you want for yourself and others.

    Prioritization of your time: If you look at your life as a GLASS GLOBE, what pieces would you want in it and how solid would you want those pieces to remain in place, no matter who shakes it? That is how you center your life and find the true purpose in how much you give to yourself first, and then to others to build those solid pieces.

    THE CULPRIT PLEASING DEVICE: Does your phone have emotions of its own, or do you expend too much emotion on your phone? Use technology as a tool to conduct useful research toward accomplishing your goals, not just as an anchor to your private amusement park.

    Bottom line: Focus on what’s in your long term best interest, versus the time wasted with mental energy busters. It takes time to build value in yourself, and even more time to build greatness in anything you want to be the best at.

    Reversing this boils down to commitment in your life by shattering the habit of disrupting what you put your time into. Wasted time sadly takes resources away from you and still doesn’t help you to complete your goals in life – and the only one who knows that is you. If you don’t feel like you can complete your goals, how can you really bring value to other people?

    Once you fully realize this, you will learn the importance of the time you invested in yourself and this in turn will lead to being able to give more quality to others – which ultimately builds your own goals faster.

    Organize your priorities every day by utilizing this one word: DEADLINES! By doing this, you will build up the truest core pieces in your own glass globe by practicing and solving how to get from point A to point B faster with the quality of your time that you invest in yourself – WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY BUILD THE PIECES YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOUR OWN GLASS GLOBE.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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