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This Is How Not to Give Up On Your Goals

By November 16, 2017No Comments

Imagine building a house and putting up the walls before you have drawn plans. Your goals are no different. Establish which steps are required for each phase of your journey, and then complete those steps diligently.

Why is it important to set a measurable goal? When you set a measurable goal, you know when you have reached success. Always measure your progress along the way. Review your progress, regularly define (or redefine) your daily purpose, and evaluate how you are doing. If you need to correct your course, it is easier to make changes midstream. Changes are easiest when they occur in direct response to something that has arisen. You do not want to wake up five years from now only to realize that you should have altered your course years before.

You’ve affirmed your path, visualized success for the next step, and are ready to take the required steps toward your goal. While the thinking created the goal, the action is what actualized the goal. Expect the unexpected. Throughout your day, there could be hundreds of interruptions that will occur to divert you from your path. Focus on the end goal – both today and long term. Outside distractions will be less impactful if you keep your goals firmly rooted in your mind.

Your research doesn’t end once you start working toward your goal. In fact, that was just the beginning. As you have new experiences, you will learn new things. These may lead you in directions you had not planned. Continue to research and understand you might need to adapt as you come across new concepts and ideas. In fact, you may find a more streamlined approach to achieving your goals. This may occur faster than originally anticipated.

As you add new approaches to your original plan, remember that with action there is practice. You must practice your new steps. Imagine being in a coma and waking up knowing a new language. Is that a likely scenario? Of course not. While coma patients do sometimes wake up with new skills and languages, the likelihood of any of us succumbing to a coma is rather small. Therefore, do not treat your plan as if this were going to happen. All great and significant changes require practice to achieve them. We know that it takes practice to master something new. Your goals are no different. Practice. Action. Practice.

So when does your goal stop? Is it when you hit a roadblock or setback? Of course not, those are to be expected. Your goal stops when you stop trying. As long as you are still working toward your goal, it is achievable. I know I just threw quite a few steps at you; ten to be exact. Let’s review the ten steps to setting and obtaining a goal.


  1. Establish a goal
  2. Consistently and constantly visualize your goal
  3. Research from the very beginning to the end of your goal
  4. Visualize your purpose each day to attain goal
  5. Practice steps toward goal
  6. Measure progress, inspect your results, and continually define your daily purpose
  7. Visualize next steps towards goal
  8. Research, identify, and modify measures to achieving your goal
  9. Practice and add new steps from your research
  10. Keep working; your goal only stops when you stop trying.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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