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Mastering Mental Toughness

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We were all born the same, and how we grow and act will determine our liberation to free our minds from fear, self-doubt and retreating. If you never try to reach for your highest potential, you will only have dreams that pass – as opposed to creating your own reality. In some way, or in some form, most of us have a true desire to change the world for the better. Many never voice their ideas or are afraid to move forward due to the fear of failure, or because of the justification of how someone’s surroundings are too difficult to build success from. The most successful people endure and take on the hardest things, but they prioritize their time through reading and learning consistently throughout their lives. They turn excuses, blame and limitations into action and engagement. You can sometimes find accomplishment in one area, and subsequently falter in other areas that limit the true power of how you think and visualize your own plan to succeed. To develop mental toughness, you need to have an action plan – and within that action plan the word “mediocrity” should cease to exist. Once mediocrity becomes part of your action plan, you become less accountable for your own self and allow too many people around you to overpower you with their own actions – as opposed to your own. Tenacity, intensity and focus should all be included in your action plan. Mental toughness has to do with dominating your time, because quality time is what gets you closer to your own discipline. Whether you’re a teacher, homemaker, entrepreneur, or business professional – whatever it may be – mental toughness is surrounding yourself with relentless thoughts of being true to yourself. But most importantly, having the conviction to intensely understand that you are accountable for every single one of your actions.

Here are three things that can help you stay consistent with mental toughness:

  1. Learning how to brand yourself by being your own product and distinctively becoming engaged in the image that you want to create for yourself, as opposed to worrying about the image of how others may view you. 
  2. Knowing that your only true competition is yourself, and that there is no other real competition out there unless you give meaning to it. The more you compete with yourself to take on the hardest challenges, while acknowledging that they will be hard to overcome, the more power you will give yourself to be prepared for life’s battles that can all be won. 
  3. Mental toughness is built by surrounding yourself with people that bring knowledge, value and leadership in different ways to help fill in the gaps where you might not understand your own weaknesses.

Knowing these three things and understanding them will create a process and build a foundation for your success by doing it for yourself, and not relying on others to do it for you. In life your mental toughness is created through knowing what you want to accomplish – but most importantly, learning how to accomplish it. What does it mean and what is your definition of hard work? This is the question that should be the very first thing you ask yourself if you want to truly build strength between your ears, or simply settle into mediocrity. In life we are given so many different options to choose from, and sometimes the more we see the more we can get confused. Mental toughness is a practice and a decision of commitment, accomplished by taking one massive project or goal and stopping at nothing to achieve it while learning along the way of how to better yourself through trial and error. We all have something that is powerful within us, and if we push it away then we will lose our true identity of living in our greatest potential. When you put your mind to something, and if you lead with tremendous conviction (and understand that there is no graduation from learning), you will earn mental toughness and create your own legacy. How hard you work to get those results can only be measured by you and through the many opportunities you create to succeed.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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