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Action vs. Inaction and Embracing vs. Regret

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Action-focused people methodically and deliberately use ideas, knowledge, and most importantly DISCOMFORT to expand their knowledge and growth – FAST.

Inaction can be the result of people inadvertently settling or feeling stuck in something by taking little or no action, which often leads to finding themselves caught in a storm of pressure or blame as others around them perform at a higher level. This is typically a direct result of the circumstances that are controlling them, versus digging deep to act on the greatest thing we have – which is the freedom of choice to take on new challenges each and every day.

Here are the facts of life: We can control what we want to learn and act on, but only if we choose to do so by practicing an action until the action becomes a dominant skill. Comparing yourself to others can only be useful if you seek to learn, plan, and dare yourself to achieve a new outcome in your life by challenging your own initiatives and measurements. This sometimes means starting from the very bottom (i.e. “back to the basics”) to build a better foundation to rise from in order to control your life, income, and potential. People that take action do so by planning through a consistent thought pattern that evolves and builds over time, and by moving forward with positive action no matter what feels comfortable or uncomfortable while constantly executing on better ways to create an evolving strategy of consistency, growth, and control.

A great life can be the summation of many positive action steps that lead to emotional power, fulfillment, and wealth. People of continuous action find themselves exploring new ways to enrich their lives through what I consider to be the two most important concepts:

  1. Open mindedness
  2. Drive


Open minded people typically create their own dreams by looking at possibilities to achieve, as opposed to waiting for dreams to come to them. This creates initiation (i.e. drive) to act on something that creates a direct benefit – the outcome. Continuous action leads to confidence in making decisions before waiting for others to tell you what you should or should not do – versus random emotional action stemming from immobility due to a lack of action.

Finally, action creates momentum and momentum creates passion. If you complain or feel stuck, act on something new and challenging – because if you open your hand and see nothing, you will realize that you have nothing to lose but your own time.

– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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