Most people have passion when starting a new position, relationship, or idea that drives a continuous feeling of excitement – typically for only a period of time. Distractions, lack of control, and lack of immediate success can turn motivation into frustration.    
This is how feeling stuck in one important area of your life can pull down everything with a heavy weight, and with detrimental impact on a very important word in personal and professional success – CONSISTENCY.
If you are reading this, then more than likely you have a passion to control your life on your own terms (and with your own presence) in order to live in your own creativity. The people in this world are changing fast, and mutual beneficial relationships are an imperative and integral part to constantly thriving in life.
Keeping your own ability to have a bigger voice and live with purpose is easier to achieve than ever if you want it bad enough, and if you are open to understand other people’s needs and how they view things versus your own interpretation. This is what you call bridging the gap with communication.
We are at a crossroads with technology, and generational transitions have gone from the isolation of ideas to the mutual collaboration of working together. Self expression is at an all-time high, but most ignore the incredible team approach that can be created as we move into this new and exciting era. It is incredible to think of the amount of people that can connect locally, nationally, or globally to create a bridge of support to help each other’s companies, ideas, or connections; so as to inspire a massive movement to help anyone involved to grow together even as complete strangers. 
The striving achievers that work together in their careers and personal lives are filled with passion, good words, positive actions – and most importantly, they love taking on the fear of the unknown. Once you reach this point, work seems to go away and is replaced by projects, execution, and the freedom of accomplishment.
If you really think about it, time is the most valuable thing we have. Uncovering the formula to consistency means learning from others in what they know, versus what you think you know or don’t know. In other words, exchanging information can change your life forever.
By connecting with others, you can build a foundation of mutual support to take on the fear of the unknown in any area of your life, because others already have.
Here is what builds growth and consistency fast:
1. Ask questions to others who have gone through experiences you’re nervous or unsure about.

2. Do research on your own by reading books and blogs, and listening to audiobooks and lectures.

3. Start teaching what you learn and you will want to improve your skills automatically, because you will have questions from other people that you will want to learn the answers to.

This is the formula to consistency.


– Tim S. Marshall, Author of “The Power of Breaking Fear”

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